On Bitcoin and Reserve, Together

Opportunity for RSV in Crypto & RSR Valuation

The Humbling

Monday is Confirmed

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Reserve is Building Real Products, Used by Real People

The Future Is DAO

Happy Sunday Rangers! Sit back, and take a few minutes to imagine…

Your alarm chimes softly, but you were awake hours ago. Dawn is breaking on a brisk March morning, at least by equatorial standards. Waves crash below your balcony a few hundred meters away, their periods matching your calm breathing. Vendors can be heard jockeying outside for position along the small…

The Age of Crypto

Happy Sunday Rangers! Steel is forged by constant pressure. By weakening iron and carbon together, quenching it, firing it again, and repeating the process. Without steel we have no skyscrapers. Without it, humanity could not have conquered the skies and the oceans. Volatility in emerging risk assets is no different…

What the FUD just happened? And thoughts on RSV.

In an effort to broaden and accurately name the scope of RSR TA Sunday, I’ve adjusted the title accordingly this week. Still planning to bring lots of good TA thoughts, but as the ecosystem grows I’d also like to incorporate more thinking on the fundamentals of the network and theory…

Phil Bon

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