On Bitcoin and Reserve, Together

Happy…Weekly Analysis Rangers! As I write this belated article, I just left Miami after attending the Bitcoin 2021 Conference for the last five days. Since Sundays might be hard in the coming months, I’ve adjusted the format once again for weekly articles, with a commitment to continuing to share weekly TA and FA for RSR as well as RSV as it develops. Hence the broadened title, RSR Weekly Analysis. With housekeeping out of the way, I want to share some thoughts On Bitcoin and Reserve, and why I believe they are actually complimentary and better together.

With speaker panels like…

Opportunity for RSV in Crypto & RSR Valuation

Happy Monday Rangers! And sorry, I know it’s not Sunday. It’s Monday. But it took a while to piece together this week’s analysis comparing the market opportunity for RSV as it relates to the dominant stable coins in the crypto ecosystem, and what that means for RSR. We are also closing May today, after a tumultuous month and tenuous recovery. But June is looking up, and the general market structure is still bullish. Stack RSR while it’s still cheap, and read up on the adoption taking place in Venezuela. As always, feedback is welcome — enjoy!

We’ve discussed many times…

The Humbling

Happy Sunday Rangers! Well, at least if you’re reading this, it can probably only get better from here. The past month has been a trying time, and this past week probably the most testing of them all. But for anyone who has been in crypto long enough, it isn’t unexpected. We have retraced fully back to prices not seen for nearly 10 months. It hurts.

Fundamentals Are Intact

In hindsight, this shouldn’t have been unexpected, though I certainly missed it. The system was over-levered. Too many novices got involved, buying things they didn’t understand, using leverage with money they didn’t have.

The next…

Monday is Confirmed

Happy Sunday Rangers! I want to start by saying that despite a FUD-filled weekend, Monday is just around the corner. This has been confirmed at multiple outlets:

  • Gregorian Calendar
  • Google Calendar
  • iCal
  • Casio Watch

It really is incredible to think, that even as of this writing, it is currently Monday in certain parts of the world.

Somebody’s Got a Case of the Mondays

So you may be asking yourself, “but Phil, Mondays happen on a fairly regular basis, why is this important?”. And that’s a fair question.

Well — this Monday — is different. It’s different than most of the ones you have experienced. It’s different than…

Reserve is Building Real Products, Used by Real People

Happy Sunday Rangers! I wanted to take a few minutes this week to discuss a topic that I think has been on everyone’s mind lately.

That’s right — Dogecoin. And Safemoon, and Cardano and XRP and Stellar and Ethereum Classic and Matic (or is it Polygon?) and EOS and Tron and bakery tokens and FruityChain and…well, you get the idea.

It can be tough sometimes, even for the most seasoned crypto investor, to watch other projects taking off, doing multiples and multiples in a few short weeks. The temptation to capitalize on the latest memecoin or the latest “hyperscaling” story…

The Future Is DAO

Happy Sunday Rangers! Sit back, and take a few minutes to imagine…

Your alarm chimes softly, but you were awake hours ago. Dawn is breaking on a brisk March morning, at least by equatorial standards. Waves crash below your balcony a few hundred meters away, their periods matching your calm breathing. Vendors can be heard jockeying outside for position along the small beach town’s main drag. Your location hasn’t been disclosed broadly, but most of the community knows your general stomping grounds by now — this time of year it’d be around the Carribean —Ecuador, Cartagena, El Salvador, and maybe Puerto Rico or Miami on occasion. As summer comes you plan to…

The Age of Crypto

Happy Sunday Rangers! Steel is forged by constant pressure. By weakening iron and carbon together, quenching it, firing it again, and repeating the process. Without steel we have no skyscrapers. Without it, humanity could not have conquered the skies and the oceans. Volatility in emerging risk assets is no different than the processing of steel. As the price of them goes up, they become heated, malleable, soft. When markets shift the other direction, as they always do, the red hot assets become deep red candles and are quenched. This is the process by which emerging technologies develop. It is the…

What the FUD just happened? And thoughts on RSV.

In an effort to broaden and accurately name the scope of RSR TA Sunday, I’ve adjusted the title accordingly this week. Still planning to bring lots of good TA thoughts, but as the ecosystem grows I’d also like to incorporate more thinking on the fundamentals of the network and theory on business growth as we’ve done in the last few editions. This week we review FUD (again) as well as some initial thoughts on how RSV construction may work in the future.

FUD and Buying the Dip

A couple months back (January 24th), I wrote a short piece on FUD — fear, uncertainty, doubt —…

Happy Sunday Rangers! This week we begin to play with RSR valuations as well as TA. Have a look and drop some feedback! Just getting started — we will continue adding more assumptions, data points, and aim to improve over time.

With another week in the books, and some healthy consolidation between $0.070 and $0.090. Ranging at $0.080 can certainly be a bit boring…but fundamentally speaking this is incredibly healthy. We want to see consistent upward price movement, not massive rips and retraces. …

Happy Sunday Rangers! After some excellent and expected consolidation over the last week, we have bullish formations on every front, as well as a wrap up to a March rollout of the app in Venezuela that surpassed expectations.

Before we get into the TA, I’d like to re-introduce an idea that has been conceptually explored more and more over the last year. The idea that money is time (and as the adage goes, time is money). This has been popularized by a number of avid bitcoiners, but I think is equally relevant to Reserve. In some respects, even more so…

Phil Bon

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